Google Ads

Avante Interactive is a full-service Las Vegas SEM Agency that has been helping their clients succeed in search engine marketing for over 15 years.

Also known as Pay per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Ads is arguably the most powerful advertising channel of all time. Serving content to over 160 billion Google searches per month, a well planned SEM campaign can put your messaging in front of the very people looking for your goods, services, or products.

Avante Interactive is a full-service SEM agency and has a staff of certified Google Ad experts who regularly upgrade their skills and update their training as part of Google’s certification program. Google Ads has evolved into an extremely complex and detail-oriented platform in the 16 years we’ve worked it. It’s also become extremely competitive. Hiring SEM experts is essential to reaching your real core audience with the clarity and precision that beats the competition.

In the hundreds of Google Ads audits Avante’s team has completed, nearly every campaign spends more than they need to or loses potential revenues because their “experts” didn’t understand the SEM environment. Our team has been Google Ad Certified for over a decade and we’re more than ready to help you reach your desired goals.

Our lead search engine marketing expert has been featured on – AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success. for her expertise in search engine marketing.