Google/Facebook Training

Google and Facebook make up 60 percent of the overall media buys in the digital marketplace. As a business, it is critical to have a good understanding of both platforms.

3 out of every 5 digital media buys move through a Google or Facebook property. 60% of all digital ad-spend gets spent on Facebook or Google Advertising. It is crucial for businesses to have an understanding of these platforms because the majority of the ads for their products, goods, and services, are being seen through and on them.

Digital management is critical to running and growing a thriving business. Google and Facebook present online entrepreneurs digital toolboxes stocked with countless marketing and promotion tools. Digital managers need to know to use those tools on the dominant digital platforms. Avante Interactive has several programs available designed to help our clients stay up-to-date and improve their skills with the latest online marketing tools. We help prepare our clients for:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Facebook Management (Basic)
  • Facebook Management (Advanced)
  • Instagram Advertising
  • LinkedIn Ads

Omni Channel Marketing
If your company isn’t using omnichannel marketing you’re probably not getting the attention your company deserves. There are several excellent platforms and sites designed to communicate with the public. Ads can run concurrently and work to bolster the validity of each other. Ads can be precisely targeted to people with specific interests and retargeted to truly interested parties.

Avante Interactive Advertising Programs

  • Avante Interactive sets up well-considered and designed campaigns
  • We teach you how to manage them
  • We custom design personalized training for you to show you how to maximize results from your campaigns

If you’re using a digital advertising agency or doing it yourself, you owe it to your business to take control of your online advertising by knowing and understanding the environment. Avante Interactive is here to help.