Google Analytics

Google Analytics
You’re only as good as you know you are. Digital marketing gives us the ability to track every interaction users have with your website and the references that helped get them to you. Google has created a complex suite of tools to measure and report on how your website is performing against competitors and against itself.

Analysis and Reporting
Avante Interactive’s team has been Google Analytics certified for over 10 years. We have helped companies and organizations from dozens of business and social sectors optimize and increase their website traffic by helping them understand how that traffic flows. There is often great potential to be found when you know what you’re looking for.

Google Analytics Set-Up
Digital businesses need to rely on reliable numbers to make decisions in a virtual environment. If you’re not getting reliable information you’re probably not making the best-informed decisions. Setting up or optimizing a Google Analytics profile is arguably the most important step in establishing or improving a data-driven enterprise. Our experienced team can assist you with the proper setup and implementation to ensure you get the numbers you need to make good decisions, the right ones.

Capturing and Storing Data
Google Analytics provides hundreds of tools in a deceptively simple-looking toolset. Many companies do not accurately capture, analyze, or retain data in ways that make it useful in the future. Avante Interactive’s certified Google Analytics experts can help you learn to utilize and understand all of the analytic tools Google Analytics offers.

Knowing your web traffic is essential for a company’s growth, especially as we move into a world defined by even greater digital interaction. Avante Interactive knows analytics. Let us help you know yourself.

Our Google Analytic related services include:

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Establishing Goals and correct E-commerce protocols
  • Cross-Domain Tracking
  • One-on-one Personalized Google Analytics Training (virtual)
  • Custom Dashboard Creation
  • Media Analysis and Consultation
  • Custom Created Reports
  • Google Data Studio Reports